Stovax Selects Walnut Slat Wall Panels

Leading stove manufacturer Stovax has partnered with The 3D Wall Panel Company to create an inviting ambience for their latest showroom display.
The showroom, Featuring Stovax's cutting-edge gas-fired stoves, has been transformed into a warm and inviting space with the addition of our premium walnut slat wall panels.

The rich, natural tones of the walnut slats perfectly complement the sleek, modern design of Stovax's gas stoves, creating a cosy and stylish atmosphere that showcases the products in their best light.

"We wanted to create a space that felt both contemporary and inviting, and the walnut slat wall panels have achieved just that," said Elena | Interior Designer. "The panels add warmth and texture to the showroom, making it a welcoming environment for customers to explore our latest range of gas stoves."

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