Ribbed Striated
Ribbed Striated
Ribbed Striated
Ribbed Striated
Ribbed Striated
Ribbed Striated

Ribbed Striated

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  • Great Textured 3D surface.
  • Great for feature walls & lighting effects.
  • Beautiful contemporary designs.
  • Manufactured in high quality EI standard MDF.
  • Size 244cm x 122cm
  • Can be filled for invisible joints.
  • Wall panels supplied sanded and smooth primed finish.
  • Wall panels can be painted in all popular paints.
  • Supplied to you within 2/3 days.

Width 2400mm

Height 1200mm

Thickness 8-17mm

Order a sample from our MDF samples section

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We use and oversized pallet haulage service, wepay for two pallet spaces due to the size of the pallet.

You are welcome to collect yourself or arrange your own shipping.

Please call to arrange if you want to collect the panels, you will need a large van!

Installation is easy with the right tools and preparation.

Tools needed,2 mm packers, saw stocks, pencil, tape measure, laser lever or spirit level, circular saw or hand saw, clamps, cartridge construction glue and cartridge gun, 

Make sure your wall is sound and level.

Plan out your wall and mark out with level and pencil line.

Glue then screw your panels to the wall, pack the joint to leave a gap, fill countersunk screw holes and joints with two pack wood filler, then finish with normal filler, sand to profile and paint.

Plug and light sockets can be brought forward with the installation of an extension collar behind them.

Remember, measure twice, cut once!

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Top quality 3D MDF EI standard wall panels.
Panels are smooth and primed in a white finish and are ready for painting.
All panels are backed with melamine to prevent warping during carving and also prevent damp penetration .
Size of 2440 x 1220 x 17mm max height.
Pattern designed to flow from one panel to the next, the right side will only match the left side.
Pattern flows along the 2440 length.



Wall panels are a great solution for interiors & can be used for interior walls and ceilings. Consider adding down lights to highlight the 3D texture.

Jet Stream - The 3D Wall Panel Company

Acclimatization and choice of glue

We recommend acclimatizing wood panels to the new environment for 1-2 days, keeping them unpacked. This will ensure that the panels get used to the climate of the new room. Use only water-free polymer-based flexible mounting adhesive to glue the panels to the wall. Do not use dispersion-based (water based) adhesives.

Wall preparation

Make sure that the surface on which you will install the panels is relatively flat. The surface must also be clean, dry and free of dust. The product is intended for use in rooms with relative humidity from 40% to 60%.

Fixing the panels

Use polymer-based mounting adhesive & screws to fix the panels to the wall. Do not use dispersion-based (water based) adhesives.
Glue & screw your panels to the wall, pack the joints to leave a 2mm gap, fill the countersunk screw holes & joints with preparty two pack wood filler. Sand and then finish filling with a normal filler, sand to profile and paint in your desired paint finish.

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