Close-up of the 'Flower' product showcasing its intricate design details
The 'Flower' decorative piece displayed within a stylish bedroom setting
A decorative panel featuring a flower motif against a white background
The 'Flower' wall accent presented in a kitchen with contrasting red and white decor
Person presenting the 'Flower' wall decoration to demonstrate the scale and design
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Flower 3d PU Wall Panel.

FLOWER stands out from all other panels because of the graphic design of the floral sample.

At 1135 mm x 380 mm, FLOWER is the same size as the other panels.

The 3D effect of this model is particularly accentuated thanks to the maximum thickness of 28 mm.

If several panels are interconnected, three forms emerge inside the geometric floral image with a completely different optical effect.

The harmoniously balanced design makes FLOWER an impressive supplement to the existing collection. Whether for an entire wall, as a targeted interior highlight, colour accentuation or in combination with lighting.

  • Design: FLOWER.
  • Size: 1135 x 380x 28 mm 0,40m2 /pc
  • Weight: 1.1kg /pc
  • Handy size & lightweight.
  • Polyurethane: a familiar, easy material to use.
  • Finish: White sprayed matt acrylic primer, smooth face.
  • Easy, quick and fast to install.
  • Paint with any quality wall paint.
  • Good sound proofing quality.
  • Heat insulation properties.

MATERIALS REQUIRED  Sandpaper grit 150 or finer, Brush/sponge, Spirit level, Ruler and pencil, Nail clamps or nails; wood strip if necessary, Hammer, Liquid nails type glue, Cartridge applicator, Spacers (e.g. 1-2mm tile crosses) , Battery screwdriver, Spatulas, Circular saw with guide rail, Protective goggles, HDPS/PU saw, Finish paint, Painting tools.

WALL PANELS must be stored flat in a dry place.

The recommended temperature is +15 °C to +25°C with a relative humidity of 45% to 65%.

To achieve optimum results, the products should be fitted under similar moisture and temperature conditions as present after the installation (indoor environment). Fitting on a wet backing surface (fresh plaster) and in forced drying conditions (heat gun, dehumidifier, exceptionally high temperature) are to be ruled out.

Check panels and substrates for suitability. The backing surfaces are suitable: indoor plastered or papered surfaces and coated plaster. Surfaces must be clean, dry, dust-free, degreased and flat; rough down if necessary. If the product is to be applied to particular backing surfaces, please consult our technical department.

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